Welcome to Westminster NHW

Westminster has introduced an Association to lead the way in how NHW is run in Westminster. Former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, stipulated that each borough needs a NHW association in place as it allows NHW coordinators to work with the police, London Fire Brigade, council and each other to support and improve NHW in Westminster. The Association assists with creating, developing and supporting all NHW schemes across Westminster, currently over 65.

If any Westminster NHW Coordinator is interested in making a peer visit to a fellow Westminster NHW, please contact us. Our latest newsletter is now available in PDF. Do follow us on Twitter for all your NHW needs. 

Find out if you live in a NHW area or if you want to set one up, contact your local police team.

Westminster Borough
Divided into 20 wards, there are over 65 NHW's & 27 Safer Neighbourhoods Police teams across Westminster's 10,000/km2. Estimated 2017 population: 244,800.